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Welcome to Sampateek, your premier online destination for promoting healthy and active lifestyle!

Sampateek is committed in providing you with materials on food facts, proper diet, healthy eating practices, meal planning, and exercises which are beneficial for everyone. Our team of Registered Nutritionist-Dietitians are credible content providers of health and nutrition information. We offer a wide range of references focusing on fitness and well-being.

We strongly believe that living a healthy lifestyle should not be all about strict diets but taking advantage of the foods that can give us health benefits that are rewarding and fun at the same time. With access to our clever tools and helpful articles, you will discover how to lead a fit and active lifestyle without having to go through unbearable diets and long hours at the gym.

Sampateek is designed just for you to help you get the best experience in living a healthier life. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, reduce the amount of sodium you consume, or increase your protein levels. With full access to our calorie tracker, meal plans and wide selection of articles you will have everything you need to help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

Tired of programs and websites that do not include your local food items or are in measuring units you don’t normally use? Sampateek has developed a large database that takes care of that.  Our site will provide you with calorie and nutrient information for most of the Middle Eastern and Filipino foods, plus most of the menu items from your favorite restaurants!

Can't seem to find your favorite food or recipe in the database? No problem! Just send us the name and main ingredients of the recipe and we'll add them to the database for you to use next time you log in to the site! Sampateek has integrated this into an easy to use calorie tracking journal that allows you to learn and track the calories and nutrient information of the food that you eat daily.

Educating yourself about nutrition and fitness is essential for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our articles will help you learn more about nutrition, enhance your diet and improve your lifestyle. From the health benefits of your favorite ingredients to tips and recommendation from a team of highly qualified Registered Nutritionist-Dietitians regarding health and wellness, you will surely learn and pick up useful day-to-day advices from Sampateek.

You can discover all these features and exciting tools by simply joining the Sampateek community!

We are certain you will love all that Sampateek has to offer. Don't forget to visit us regularly as we are always working to expand and improve the service we provide.


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