Fast Food vs. Home Cooked Meals

Fast Food vs. Home Cooked Meals

Food, in its raw state can be prepared and cooked to make it into something palatable and nourishing to our body. Likewise, we can also buy quick and tasty meals from fast food joints which are found everywhere especially if we lack time to prepare and cook meals at home.  But, which is better buying from fast food or having home-cooked meals? It is best to look at the pros and cons of both fast food meals and home cooked meals to better guide us which one to choose for our daily nourishment.

Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food Meals:


Fast food meals are easily accessible and can be bought anywhere

If you are hungry, you can find fast food joints that are open 24 hours in almost every street corner.

Fast food meals are inexpensive and budget friendly

If you do not have the time to cook your meals at home, you can opt to buy value meals from fast food joints. Often times, the value meals being offered are already complete, with rice or French fries, chicken or chicken nuggets and soda. At a small price, you will be sure to satisfy your hunger.

Fast food meals offer various choices

You don’t have to go to expensive restaurants to experience or eat food from various cultures. There are fast food restaurants that offer Chinese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and American dishes.

Fast food meals are convenient

Fast food restaurants offer ready to eat or grab and go foods. In addition, you can buy them anytime or call for delivery service.


Fast food meals are high in saturated fats and trans-fats

Fast food menu items are high in trans-fats and saturated fats as these unhealthy fats are used to make them more palatable and appealing to the consumers.

Fast food meals are high in sugar

Commonly consumed fast food items that are high in sugar include milk shakes, sodas, pastries, and donuts. The high sugar content of these fast food items can cause sudden spike in blood sugar especially for diabetics. Also, the frequent consumption of fast food increases your risk for type 2 diabetes.

Fast food meals are high in sodium

French fries, pizza, hamburger, and fried chicken are the common fast food items that has high sodium content. In fact the sodium content of most value meals provide 75% of your total daily requirement of sodium in a day.

Fast food meals contain preservatives and food additives

Fast food menu items usually have preservatives and food additives. When consumed regularly, preservatives and food additives increases your risk for some types of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Home-Cooked Meals:

Home cooked meals are meals that are prepared at the comforts of your home. This involves menu planning, careful selection and purchase of ingredients and food preparation.


Home-cooked meals contain less salt and trans-fats

In home-cooked meals, you can control the amount of ingredients like salt to use and the type of cooking oil or fat to use. If you want to make your meals healthy, you can use a healthy type of oil and put lesser amount of salt. Most fast food restaurants uses high amount of salt and fat to make their food tastes better.

You are ensured of balanced meals

Home-cooked meals involves menu planning, you are in full control of what to include on your weekly menu. This way, you will be able to make sure that the meals to be served at your dinner table are balanced and complete with all the essential nutrients for optimum health.

Home-cooked meals bring family members together

Family meals give opportunity for the family members to come and eat together. Children greatly benefit from eating meals together as they are able to spend some time to talk to and enjoy the company of their parents. The parents are also able to teach their children about healthy eating habits.

Concerns on food allergies and food safety are addressed in home cooked meals

When meals are prepared at home you are able to address food allergies and food safety because you are in control of everything from menu planning, grocery shopping up to the actual preparation of the food.


Home-cooked meals must carefully planned to make healthier meals and also to save cost and energy so it would definitely take some time to plan the menus, purchasing the ingredients and meal preparation and cooking

We at Sampateek believe that eating home-cooked meals are still the best option if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. But, in times that you are pressed with time and no time to prepare your meals you can buy healthy menu items from fast food or any restaurant of your preference once in a while. Choose the ones that are prepared in a healthier way like baked, steamed, or grilled and combine it with healthy side dishes. Whether you eat at home or at a fast food joint, you should make sure that what you are having is beneficial for your body.


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