Fatty Foods that are Good for You

Healthy Fat Sources

Most of us believe that fat is bad, no matter what form. We try to avoid it at as much as we can, because we know that it will lead to weight gain and health problems like clogged arteries and stroke. This generalization, however, is overstated because in reality, there are good types of fats that can contribute to weight loss and actually help prevent diseases.


List of Good Fats:

1.   Olive Oil

This is one famous ingredient that has made the Mediterranean diet an effective way to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. Olive oil is high in polyphenols that helps reduce the risk of cancer and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) that is good for the heart. It is also said to contain high levels of adiponectin which is a hormone that functions in fat break-down to be converted to energy. So take the advantage of using olive oil in preparing your favorite dishes and salad dressings to get the health benefits it offers.

2.   Coconut

This fruit has been mistakenly identified as fatty and unhealthy once upon a time, but recent studies have proven that coconut is considered a functional food that gives numerous health benefits. Although high in saturated fats, they are made of the healthy medium-chain-fatty-acids (MCFA). MCFA contribute to prevention against heart diseases and kidney disorders, kills bacteria that causes diseases like ulcers and supports immune system. Coconuts are also high in fiber that aid in digestion and healthy bowel movements.

3.   Dark Chocolate

A lot of us, chocolate lovers, admit that chocolates are our guilty pleasure. However, experts say otherwise - chocolates can be a guiltless treat, we just have to choose the right one.

The good kind of chocolates are the dark ones that contain 65-70% pure cocoa, unlike the milk chocolate variety which has low cocoa butter content and more milk fat and sugar. It is also this very reason why dark chocolates are healthier. Cocoa-rich dark chocolates are high in flavonoid that is good for the heart and can help lower blood pressure. They also have high amounts of antioxidants - that helps fight cancer - and nutrients like vitamins and minerals that the body needs to support good health.

4.   Avocados

This green fruit has been known to be fatty, but its fat is packed with benefits that are good for the body. Avocados are rich in MUFAs that promote healthy heart by lowering bad cholesterol and preventing plaques from blocking our arteries.

5.   Nuts

Nuts are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids that lower bad cholesterol and support healthy heart. Almonds, walnuts, pistachios and hazelnuts are on top of the nut list, but any other kind of nuts is healthy also. They contain high amounts of vitamin E which is a strong antioxidant to fight against cancer.

Experts’ advice that fat should comprise of 25-30% of our daily calories; knowing that there are good fats out there, there is no excuse for us to totally cut fat from our daily diet. However, we should still consume them in moderation, because fat gives 9 calories per gram, it will still impact our daily caloric allowance and consuming too much may still lead to weight gain.


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