Pick This Kick That (Banana vs. Donut)


Take Charge of Your Health NOW, Say no to Donuts and Yes to Bananas!


Today, as we live in a fast-paced world, convenience is more preferred than healthy food choices. Processed foods are readily available in the market because these products are considered as fast-moving consumer goods. Let's site an example, you are in a convenience store and thought of buying a banana for snack. As you go inside, you noticed the pastry corner with different flavors of donuts and for a second the banana was out of the picture. Then, you asked the saleslady if the said fruit is available, unfortunately it’s out of stock. What will you do? Go to the next convenience store and stick to your choice of banana or purchase the donut right-away? Probably, if we were caught in this scenario, we will purchase what is readily available.

According to the Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb - When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need. The message is clear; we can take charge of our health through nutritious foods and well-balanced meals.

Here's the Five Reasons why choosing a Banana over a Donut is a healthier and wiser choice.

Banana (Nutrient-Dense Food) vs. Donut (Energy-Dense Foods)

Fruits provide high amount of vitamins and minerals with few calories compared to processed foods. Also, it does not contain sodium, fat and cholesterol. Banana is a good source of potassium, fiber, B Vitamins and Vitamin C. Incorporating nutrient-dense foods like banana in your diet may help in the prevention of different types of diseases. While donut is a kind of energy-dense food that contains empty calories, which implies that it has high amount of calories from sugar and low nutritional value.

Banana has Greater Satiety Value than Donut

The carbohydrates in banana are easily digestible compared to complex carbohydrate found in donut. Hence, banana is considered as quick source of energy but it lasts longer due to fiber content. After eating a donut, you feel like eating another snack due to its low fiber, low nutrient and high sugar content.

Banana Aids in Weight Loss, Donut will make you Gain Weight

Many kinds of diet are invented to aid weight loss but eating a banana regularly is the key to achieve your goal. Fructose, a fruit sugar present in banana helps to satisfy your sugar craving. It can be a substitute for dessert while getting only one-fourth of the calories in a donut. Soluble fiber in banana slows digestion so overeating can be prevented because it will make you feel full for longer hours. Donut contains high amount of fat and sugar which makes it a high caloric food that can lead to weight gain.

Banana Aids in Normal Bowel Movement, Donut does not Promote Healthy Digestion

Most of the fibers found in banana are insoluble which do not dissolve in water, they are intact when passing in the gastrointestinal tract and helps in preventing constipation. They are like broom which cleanses the waste in the GI tract. Due to the lack of fiber in donuts they do not promote healthy digestion.

Banana is more affordable than Donut

Banana is available all year round and it is also more affordable compared to other kinds of fruits that are seasonal. A piece of banana is cheaper than a single serving of donut making it more affordable than the latter.

The kind of food we choose today will be the foundation of our health in the future. We may not feel the effect immediately but eventually our body will show the result of our choices. Be conscious and cautious of the food you are taking and have an effort to modify your diet. It’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle because it’s a continuous process. I dare you for a challenge - Take Charge of Your Health NOW through Healthy Food Choices - Eat a Banana instead of Donut for snack!


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