Pick This Kick That (Sandwich and Burger)


Burgers are lip smacking BAD!

You can get them conveniently; they’re inexpensive, highly appetizing and filling. Loaded with cheese, spices and oil, burgers are also highly addictive. The lesser you have them; the better it is for your health.

A much similar, yet healthier option is replacing burgers with sandwiches. This is because a standard burger provides approximately 550 calories per serving, whereas a sandwich only carries about 240 calories, half that of burgers. Both of them are bread based, so replacing them for each other is not going to be as difficult.

When you choose sandwiches over burgers, make sure you follow some basic rules. Simply replacing the bun with the bread is not going to do any good.


Here’s a list of do’s for sandwiches:


Choose whole wheat bread

Choosing whole wheat bread is good because it comes loaded with fiber. Whole wheat is easily digested and keeps you feeling light.

Load the loaf with fruits and vegetables 

Use as many raw vegetables as you can. Fill your sandwich with tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce, fresh carrots, and some crunchy capsicum. This makes your sandwich more nutritious and easily digestible too. 

Be light on spreads

A dry sandwich can be boring. But, loading it with high fat and calorie ingredients such as mayonnaise is not going to help you lose weight. The best way to dress your sandwich is to replace high fat spreads with lighter versions of mustard sauce, mashed avocado and other low fat salad dressings.

Use lean protein

What also makes burgers a heavy bite is the use of high fat and calorie meat. There are several varieties of lean meat available in the market. You can also create your own lean meat mixes from broiled chicken or baked fish or any other variety of lean meat you like.

Smaller portions

Replacing a standard burger for a monster sandwich is also going to ruin your weight loss efforts. Avoid jumbo sandwiches with multiple layers. Replace with smaller bread loafs. And, rather than layering a sandwich with more bread, layer it with more fruits and vegetables.


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