Resist Baklava & Replace with Healthy Substitute


Why Should You Pick Pear Over Baklava?


The “Pear–est” of Them All

All day long, we’re making food choices and sometimes we choose them unconsciously without considering the alternatives. Our choice can either be healthy or unhealthy and has a major impact on our health.

For instance, we usually have a cup of tea paired with baklava for snack. The aroma and warmth of tea is simply enticing then have some serving of baklava made from paper-thin sheets of dough filled with chopped nuts drizzled with honey. No doubt, this is a perfect combination that will surely captivate our snack time. This is an example of our pre-set choice, meaning the choice we always make. Instead of sticking to your typical choice for snack, try having some slices of fresh, juicy and sweet, crunchy but soft pears together with a glass of water. The cooling effect of this fruit adds to quenching your thirst plus the health benefits it provides. Pear also plays an essential role in different life cycles.


Here are the Five-Need-to-Know Reasons why Pear is the Best Choice over a serving of Baklava:


Pear is a Hypoallergenic Food

Hypoallergenic food contains few or no potentially irritating substances therefore decreasing the possibility of allergic response. Pears are on top of the food choices among people who are prone to allergies.

Pear is Recommended for Pregnant Women

High content of folate (folic acid) in pears refrain the baby from having neural birth defects. Folic acid is crucial in the first trimester of pregnancy as it is necessary in forming the baby’s brain and nervous system.

Pears are Safe for Infants

Pears are ideal for weaning infants because it is low in acid compared to other fruits and hypoallergenic so digestive-related problems less likely to occur.

Pears: Natural Home Remedy

Flavonoid present in pears nourishes the throat thus inhibiting throat problems. During summer shortness of breath is a common issue due to excessive phlegm among children. Consumption of pears may help in clearing the phlegm. Also, the cooling effect in pears is admirable in relieving fever.

Pears are packed with Nutrients

Pears are known for their unique nutrient qualities. A good source of antioxidant, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals needed for overall health.

Eating well and balanced meals are necessary for optimum health. In the short-term, it can make us fit, maintain a healthy weight and feel good. In the long-term, healthy food choices can reduce the occurrence and risk of lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, renal disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Therefore, one must establish healthy pre-set food choices to avoid wrong choices. Take a moment to examine this – Are your first choices your best choices?

If not, it’s about time to change them. :-)


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