Resist Ice Cream & Replace with Healthy Substitute


Why you should choose Apple over Ice Cream?


There are different kinds of foods these days that could actually make you healthy and fit. If you are already suffering from a certain illness then you should find the right kind of food that will provide you with nutrients and that would not trigger any more health issues. For snacks it is always best to go for natural foods such as apple. Read on and find out why it is better to eat apples over ice cream.

Apples will help you Lose Weight

The first benefit you could get from eating apples over ice cream is that you will feel full for a longer period of time which is very helpful if you wish to lose weight effectively and get rid of those unwanted fats. Apples are high in fibre and other helpful nutrients that will help make you healthy and fit; while ice cream only has empty calories from fats and sugars.

Apples help resolve Digestive System Issues

Now if you wish to end your digestive problems like constipation and gas pain then you’d better include more fruits into your daily diet. Apples over ice cream can help cleanse your colon and can keep your digestive system healthy. Ice cream has dairy ingredients that could only make your condition worse.

Apples are good for Oral Health

Apples helps promote healthy teeth and gums. By eating and chewing apples you produce more saliva which helps in cleaning your mouth and also has amazing properties that can prevent bacteria build up.

Apples have Anti-Cancer properties

Apples are very rich in antioxidants that have the ability to keep our body cells healthy by fighting against free radicals that can lead to certain types of cancer and degenerative diseases.

You can forget about being unhealthy. It is important that you always consider your health first and foremost. There are many simple foods out there that could help you lose weight and promote overall well-being like a bowl of fruits or a piece of apple for snack. Apples as compared to ice cream are definitely a healthier option to have for snack!  


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