Healthy Snacks For Your Leisure Time

Healthy Snacks for Leisure

Healthy Snacks You Can Nibble On Your Leisure Time

Sometimes when you get bored and have nothing to do you feel like nibbling some snacks. But then again, chips and sweet stuffs are not a healthy snacks choice. Plus, it can make you gain those unwanted weight. You may be wondering what you can eat or nibble without adding extra calories. We have come up with a list for you! Here are some healthy snacks that you can nibble on during your leisure time:

Unsalted Dry Roasted Nuts

Whether you are in your office or at home, nuts are one of the healthiest foods to nibble on. It is loaded with protein and other nutrients.

Fresh Berries

What could be better than these luscious and juicy berries? They are not only low in calories but also loaded with fiber and antioxidants to help you have a healthy tummy and boost your immune system.


Cheese is also good to nibble on because it is rich in protein and calcium. You can eat them with some fruits like apple or pear.

Vegetable sticks

Vegetables are very low calories, high in fiber and loaded with vitamins and minerals you may also dip them in hummus, salsa or any low fat dip of your choice.

Oatcakes or oatmeal cookies

These snack items are made from oats which contains high amount of fiber and have been found to have cholesterol lowering properties.

Air-popped Popcorn

Plain air popped-popcorn is also a healthy option. Instead of using sugar, salt or butter you can try to add some paprika or any kind of spices.

Mixed Dried Fruits

Aside from being convenient and it has a longer shelf life than fresh fruits, dried fruits are very good to nibble on for snack because they are also rich in fiber and other important nutrients to help energize your body and maintain optimum health.

Wholegrain Cereal

You can either nibble them or add some milk or fresh fruits. It is a good way to feed you hungry tummy during breaks from work.

Dark chocolate

This kind of chocolate doesn’t have a lot of sugar, and it is found to be good for the heart and total well-being because of the antioxidants that it contains.

Whole wheat Crackers

Loaded with complex carbohydrates so it will give you a more stable source of energy, whole wheat crackers are far better than a bag of potato chips or buttery crackers.

The items mentioned above makes a healthy and satisfying snack but you should also bear in mind that too much of everything will not be good for you. Always practice portion control when eating so you will only get what is only needed by your body to function normally. Even healthy foods when taken in large amounts can lead to weight gain and other health issues.


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